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Social Media Trends

Interesting Facts Related To Social Media

Social Media Trends

We find today that countless people are signing up for their own accounts on Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. Why? The reasoning behind such behavioral changes in people is that Social networks have become immensely popular. With that being the trend, it can be unbelievably effortless accessing and reaching out to people or even to a group of people if you are afforded with the prospect of being aware of what and how often they are sharing it with their social groups. Some fascinating statistics worthy of note and relevant to the extremely popularly shared entities on various social networking sites is appended below:

What Users Really Share

Users share various entities on their social networking sites as listed:

• Pictures – 43%

• Opinions – 26%

• Status Updates – 26%

• Article Links – 26%

• Personal Recommendations – 25%

• News Pieces – 22%

• Website Links – 21%

• Video Clips – 17%

• Trip/Weekend/Vacation Plans – 9%

Popular Activities Based on Website

People will flock to social networking sites with a diversity of objectives in mind as these websites have on offer their own assortment of benefits that attract them. For instance, the tendency to share pictures are mostly users of Facebook and Google+ users compared to people who use Twitter, the reason being that it is customarily utilized for activity updates.

On a daily turnover the statistics for uploading and sharing photos from Computer to:

Facebook = 476.59 million users While  Google+ = 206.74 million people

One could have a dependable platform for the particular task one needs to perform.

What is the Reason Why People Use Social Networking Sites?

The question arises as why people keep using social networking sites in the first place. We find a  range of distinctive motives as to why your friends and family members are drawn to regularly use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Instagram. It is interesting to note some of the most general purposes, which are:

• As opportunities are less to talk and keep in contact with family members and friends on a regular basis, they make use of the option of social media.

• The expression of a significant cross section of a population that they are concerned about particular matters or champion certain affects.

• Banking on social media on connecting with and having access to other people who may hold similar pursuits and with the expectations of networking and making new friends.

• It does not cost anything other than the apparatus being used.

Common Sharing Indicators Affording a dependable platform facilitating people to communicate with each other and share common and interesting issues should be the main objective of the social media websites.

Keeping that in mind, are you aware that over 4.75 million diverse items are being shared on Facebook alone every day with mobile devices accountable for 66% of those figures being shared from.

It points to the fact of how much social media is sought after and relied on by users universally.