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Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Sydney

Is your company a small business in Sydney catering to an exclusively local clientele? Then you would need unique marketing tactics to attract local customers. Here are some tips that might help:












Launch a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Local customers anywhere are more likely to make their purchase decisions on smartphones than on desktops. Think about it. Are you most likely to search for an Italian restaurant to order takeout on your smartphone or your desktop? Smartphone usage is rapidly rising in Australia. Consumers are also depending more on smartphones to make purchase decisions and do pre-purchase research. Therefore, you need to develop and implement a mobile marketing strategy today. It should complement your regular digital marketing strategy that focuses on desktop users.

Create a Mobile App

Reach all the smartphone-using consumers in Sydney with a mobile app created just for your business. For ideas, you should search for local companies that specialise in app design development Sydney. Brainstorm ideas for an app based on the data you already have on your consumers and the nature of your business. Your app could end up being a game or a shopping store. Either way, it should engage users and encourage retention rates.

Use Local Keywords for Desktop and Mobile

Because your business in based in Sydney, you will benefit the most from local keywords rather than generic keywords. For example, if your business is selling a soft drink in Sydney, a generic keyword like “soft drink” would do you little good unless your company is Pepsi or Coke. So, research location-specific keywords for both desktop and mobile SEO efforts. The mobile keywords you use should be short so they are easier to type on a smartphone.

Publish Content that would Interest Local Customers

Publish articles and post videos that directly appeal to your local customers. Choose topics that revolve around Sydney or are of particular interest to consumers in the city. For example, “top 10 ways to tan in Sydney” is a better article topic than “top 10 ways to tan.” You can conduct online customer surveys to find out which topics interested residents in Sydney.

Check Site Speed for Desktop and Mobile

Site speed is extremely important for retaining customers. On mobile, site speed is important for appearing on Google search results. Google deliberately excludes slow loading sites from mobile search results. Therefore, use free tools to frequently check your desktop and mobile sites for speed. They should load under 2 seconds ideally.

Partner with Local Bloggers

Blogging is an excellent method to create brand awareness. If you start a blog from scratch, you will have to spend considerable amounts of time and resources to build a fan base. Instead, you can gain more through bloggers who are already popular. Brands frequently collaborate with popular bloggers to spread product awareness. You should similarly partner up with local bloggers to spread awareness of your brand and products among consumers in Sydney.

Start SMS and Email Campaigns

Stay in touch with loyal customers and boost your retention rates by launching SMS and email marketing campaigns for your mobile and desktop customers respectively. You should consider making emails more mobile friendly to reach smartphone users too. SMS and email will greatly complement your existing digital marketing campaign.

Use the above tips to build a large and loyal customer base in Sydney.